About Us


Rehab Oriented Approach

Numerous research studies have proven greater results with chiropractic care along with rehabilitation exercises. This is the why we are so passionate about combining the two. We try our best to find the right rehab program for each individual case. This is also the reason we take our time to show you exercises and make sure they are being done properly. In our mind, what you do at home is just as important as what we do here in the office, if not more so. This is the reason we spend the time to make sure there is a strong understanding of the correct way to perform the exercise.

We enjoy all our patients. However, our goal is to get you better as quickly as possible. This is the bridge to get there.


What do we do and how are we different?

Here at Abilene Chiropractic we strive to have a patient-centered approach. We treat each patient as we want to be treated. We treat each condition as they present uniquely to the patient. There is not a single treatment that helps all patients. Each patient has a different reason they are injured or different goals they want to achieve. Under our care, we promise to listen to your goals and do our best to help you achieve them whether it is with us or should you need someone outside our office. 


Our approach is to spend the time needed to get an individualized plan of treatment that works best for you. We frequently here that was the most thorough exam that our patients have had. We look for all contributing factors that might be a cause and need for correction.

We take an approach in our office that along with treatment and care in the office our patients are active in their care for the gains that we make in the office to continue to last.



Chiropractic Care

we utilize a variety of adjustment treatment techniques that work best with what the patient both feels comfortable with and will benefit them the most.


Rehabilitative Exercises

Our approach is an active approach to aid in improving the condition with an individualized exercise program to either add in mobility or stability to get you moving better.

Massage Therapy

With immediate access to Wildflower massage and wellness to aid in your therapeutic recovery or relaxation and wellness.